RSPG launches strategic roadmap towards the future use of 5G in Europe

On November 9th 2016 the Radio Spectrum Policy Group (RSPG) adopted an opinion about the future use of the 5G spectrum.

In the strategic roadmap for use of the 5G spectrum in Europe until 2020, the RSPG is carrying out an outline of the spectrum which will be required for future technologies such as the Internet of Things and connected cars and trains. In the opinion of Philip Marnick, the Chairman of the RSPG, "… 5G services have the potential to revolutionise communications for everyone. With the RSPG’s strategic vision for the 5G spectrum, Europe is in a position to lead the world in deploying future mobile networks and to drive and achieve global harmonisation."

The use of next generation mobile services (5G) and the creation of new services associated with this technology have the potential to bring more benefits to consumers and industry across Europe. The spectrum is the vital resource which allows innovation and investment in these services.

The RSPG has identified the following spectrum ranges as being necessary for the development of new wireless services:

  • low bandwidth spectrum (700 MHz) which can enable 5G coverage to all areas, ensuring that everyone benefits;
  • Medium bandwidth spectrum (3.4-3.8GHz) which will bring the necessary capacity for new 5G services in urban areas; and
  • High bandwidth spectrum (26 GHz) to give ultra-high capacity for innovative new services, enabling new business models and sectors of the economy to benefit from 5G.

In this RSPG opinion, the potential of the existing mobile bands to use 5G has also been identified which will facilitate the transition from the current to the next generation of mobile networks.

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