ANACOM approves agreement on the distribution of parishes which potentially lack mobile broadband coverage

On 2 March 2017, ANACOM issued a draft decision approving the agreement between MEO - Serviços de Comunicações e Multimédia, NOS Comunicações and Vodafone Portugal - Comunicações Pessoais on the distribution between them of 588 parishes potentially lacking mobile broadband coverage, for which obligations of coverage were imposed as part of the process of renewing the rights of use of frequencies in the 2100 MHz band, as approved under the terms of ANACOM decision of 18 February 2016

With approval of the agreement on the distribution of parishes, the geographical scope of the established obligations is accomplished, becoming an integral part of the corresponding titles (DUF ICP-ANACOM no. 01/2012, ICP-ANACOM no. 02/2012 and ICP-ANACOM no. 03/2012).

ANACOM will consider future bilateral exchanges of parishes, provided it is informed of any change to the agreement for the purposes of approval and public disclosure. Notification of any such changes (made on a bilateral and consensual basis) are to be made by 21 March 2018. This determination was submitted to the prior hearing of interested parties under Código do Procedimento Administrativo (Administrative Proceeding Code); parties have a period of 10 working days to comment, as they see fit.