Meeting of BEREC-IRG Contact Network - Malmö

The year’s first meeting of the Contact Network of BEREC and the Independent Regulators Group (IRG) was held last 2-3 February in Malmö, Sweden.

The meeting mainly focused on discussion of BEREC’s position on the review of the regulatory framework and preparation of BEREC’s mid-term strategy for 2018-2020. Also discussed were the annual activities report for 2016, the “Draft BEREC Report on the Implementation of Symmetric Regulation: description of existing practices and consideration of future challenges”, the “Draft BEREC Update Survey on the Implementation and Application of the Universal Service Provisions – a synthesis of the results” and the “Draft BEREC Report on the Follow-up on the WACC study of the Commission”.

At IRG level debate mainly focused on administrative questions, especially concerning the budget and accounts.

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