60th meeting of the Radio Spectrum Committee - July 2017

Brussels hosted last 12-13 July the 60th meeting of the Radio Spectrum Committee (RSC) of the European Commission (EC).
The following stand out among the issues considered:

  • Ultra wideband (UWB) technology

    The proposed amendment of the EC implementing decision modifying Decision 2007/131/EC on usage in harmonised conditions of radio spectrum for devices using UWB in the European Union was discussed.

    This draft decision was subject to voice vote procedure and was unanimously approved by those present.
  • Short range radars (SRR) in the 24 GHz band

    The last RSC meeting reached agreement to eliminate the mandatory sending of annual reports to the EC, given that the absence of SRR-caused interference has been verified. It is nevertheless indispensable to maintain all technical restrictions set out in the decision.

    The EC presented at this meeting a proposal to amend the 2005 decision, for comment by the member states. The aim is to achieve a stable text in order launch a consultation based on the written procedure this October.

    After some discussion of the matter the EC was tasked with reworking the document, simplifying the recitals, so it can be submitted to the next meeting.
  • 900 MHz and 1800 MHz bands

    The EC presented a proposed mandate to CEPT to “revise the harmonised technical conditions for use of the 900 MHz and 1800 MHz bands for wireless broadband electronic communication services in support of wireless next generation (5G) systems in the EU”. A new document was drafted solely for study of the internet of things and wireless communications between remote devices and machines, with the final version to be completed in March 2018; it was unanimously approved by those present.

    It was agreed that a new document for study of 5G and introduction of block edge masks would be drafted. The idea will be to go ahead with this mandate when the first study is finished.
  • Low-power short range devices (SRD) - 6th update

    The EC presented its proposed text for the sixth update of the decision amending Decision 2006/771/EC on harmonisation of radio spectrum with a view to its use by SRDs and which revokes Decision 2006/804/EC.

    It was subject to voice vote procedure and unanimously approved by those present.
  • SRD (7th update)

    The guidelines for CEPT as well as the calendar for the seventh update of the SRD Decision were presented.
  • 870-876 and 915-921 MHz bands

    Key elements for a possible decision concerning the 870-876 and 915-921 MHz band were discussed.

    The EC considered that the most reasonable compromise seems to be that of harmonising 2x1.4 MHz and will move forward in that regard.
  • Intelligent transport systems (ITS)

    The EC presented a draft mandate for CEPT on the extent of the ITS bands associated to security applications in the 5.9 GHz band.
    A seminar to be held this 5 September will focus on this matter.

The next meeting will be held on 18-19 October. On the afternoon of the 19th a joint meeting is scheduled with the Telecommunication Conformity Assessment and Market Surveillance Committee (TCAM).