Bilateral meeting CNMC - ANACOM

A meeting between ANACOM and the Comisión Nacional de los Mercados y la Competencia (CNMC), at its headquarters in Madrid, took place on 2 April 2019. This is the entity that in Spain exercises, among other functions, regulation of the telecommunications and postal sectors.

A range of issues was addressed at the meeting with analysis of the main developments in the communications sector in the two countries. The issues of co-investment, national roaming, the evolution of the universal service, the existence of loyalty periods and future challenges for the postal sector were considered in depth.

Twelve members of the CNMC and ANACOM were involved in this meeting. The Spanish regulatory authority delegation was led by José María Marín Quemada, Chairperson of the Board of Directors of the CNMC, while João Cadete de Matos, Chairperson of the Board of Directors of ANACOM, headed the Portuguese regulator's delegation.

Meeting with Iberian counterparts took place on 02.04.2019 in Madrid.

Participants at the CNMC - ANACOM bilateral meeting from left to right: Maria Ruiz (Head of the International Telecommunications Section, CNMC); Luis Manica (Market Regulation Director, ANACOM); Álvaro Capitán (Deputy Head of the Postal Sector Unit, CNMC); José Jaime Bernárdez (Transport and Postal Director, CNMC); Diego Otero (Deputy Director of Market Regulation of Electronic Communications, CNMC); Carla Amoroso (Head of the Fixed and Mobile Telephony Markets Division of the Markets Regulation Department, ANACOM); Javier Garzón Morales (Chief of Staff of the Chairperson, CNMC); José María Quemada (Chairperson CNMC); João Cadete de Matos (Chairperson ANACOM); Bernardo Lourenço (Member of the Board of Directors, CNMC); Alejandra de Iturriaga (Director of Telecommunications and Media, CNMC); Pedro Ferreira (Head of the European Union Area, ANACOM).