ANACOM meeting with Águas de Portugal

A meeting between ANACOM and a delegation from Grupo Águas de Portugal was held on 10 May 2019 at ANACOM's headquarters in Lisbon. At the meeting, the was discussion of the difficulties experienced by the Group's 12 operating companies as regards the quality of communication services. These services are essential for the management, monitoring and operation of infrastructure such as abstractions, dams, treatment plants, pumping stations, reservoirs and delivery points, covering more than 6,000 installations across Portugal.

In this meeting, the participants underlined the importance of improving coverage of next generation networks throughout the country and of developing national roaming solutions, and ANACOM made itself available to collaborate in the monitoring of quality of service offered in the areas where infrastructure is located.

Taking place on 10 May 2019, at ANACOM's head office in Lisbon.

Participants at ANACOM's meeting with Grupo Águas de Portugal