Commencement of procedure to establish specific numbering range in the PNN for M2M services - extension to the period for submission of contributions

/ Updated on 24.07.2019

By order of the Chairman of the Board of Directors of ANACOM of 24 June 2019, it was decided to extend the deadline for the submission of contributions and suggestions in relation to the procedure to formulate rules aimed at establishing a specific numbering range in PNN - Plano Nacional de Numeração (National Numbering Plan) for machine-to-machine (M2M) services. The procedure is extended for an additional period of 5 working days.

In view of this extension, contributions and suggestions which interested parties should be considered under the current procedure should be submitted no later than 3 July 2019. Such contributions should be sent to ANACOM by email to (comments in writing and in Portuguese).

This decision is subject to ratification by the Board of Directors at its first subsequent ordinary meeting.