Task Force for Review of the UPU Contribution System - September 2020

The task force (TF) for Review of the Contribution System of the Universal Postal Union (UPU) held a videoconference meeting last 1 September.

The members’ doubts about the new proposed model were cleared up, specifically regarding the rules to apply to member countries under the reference threshold per the adopted UN scale but not ready to adjust the respective contribution class, the possibility of reducing the number of contributory units for those currently above that threshold, and the recovery of overdue long-term debts and capital debt forgiveness.

Various members confirmed the modified contribution class with a view to reaching or approaching the reference value according to the UN scale, while others indicated that they were awaiting a decision from higher up. The chair reported that 40.5 additional contributory units had been counted to date, which will lead to a reduction of the unit value applicable to member states who contribute according to their respective economic capacity per the aforementioned adjusted UN scale or have shown that they are making efforts to approach it.

It was also reiterated that the model must continue to be voluntary, based on the solidarity principle.

The next meeting will be held by videoconference this 6 October.