ANACOM launches public consultation on the strategic plan for the spectrum

ANACOM approved on September 13th, 2022 the launch of a public consultation on the PEE - Plano estratégico nacional do espectro radioelétrico (National strategic plan for the radio spectrum).

The PEE establishes strategic principles and criteria for the radio spectrum. Given the progressive and dynamic nature we have witnessed in regard to the use of the spectrum and its management, we believe that the PEE should be regularly updated whenever events occur on a national, regional, and/or international basis with an impact on the spectrum management and the presented strategy, for instance taking into consideration the cycle of World Radiocommunication Conferences, which occur every four years as a rule.

In this context, ANACOM is opening a public consultation on the PEE in order to collect written contributions from the different participants in the market (manufacturers, operators, private and public entities, users, and others) on the latter, particularly regarding the strategic goals established in this plan.

ANACOM has established the deadline of 30 workdays for consultation, where those interested must send their submissions by October 27th, 2022 in writing and in Portuguese, preferably by e-mail to pee2022@anacom.ptmailto:pee2022©

Once the process of consultation has closed, the written contributions submitted will be disclosed publicly, for which reason those interested should also submit a version with the confidential elements removed to be posted on this website.