Draft decision - ICP alters prices for shared access to the local loop

/ Updated on 04.02.2002

The Instituto das Comunicações de Portugal (ICP) has decided upon alterations to be introduced to the price proposal presented by PT Comunicações for the shared access service to the local loop. These alterations will deliver reductions that vary between 5% and 90%, in comparison with the prices proposed by the historic operator.

The prices form part of a draft decision, regarding which interested parties have 10 days in which to make a statement.

The monthly fee per local loop for the shared access service will now be a maximum of EUR 7.90 (PTE 1,584), representing a 58% reduction compared to the price proposed by PT Comunicações.

The highest reduction introduced is 90%, for the service of de-installation of the local loop. The lowest reduction is 5%, for the intervention service for an undue report of a breakdown.

All the prices included in the draft decision correspond to wholesale prices, i.e. the amounts charged by the historic operator to other operators for provision of the service. They do not, therefore, constitute final consumer prices.

The local loop corresponds to the last section of the basic telecommunications network, operated by PT Comunicações, whose utilisation has been opened to other operators.

Shared access, now subject to this draft decision, enables the provision of broadband services by an operator to the end consumer, in a simultaneous manner, using the same telephone line and without affecting the provision of voice telephony services by the historic operator.