New logo and presentation campaign

/ Updated on 29.08.2002

Regulator has new image

"At ANACOM, we work to ensure that the future of communications is more than just idle conversation" "We regulate competition in the communications sector to benefit someone: you" "We're committed to the development of communications. When there's interference, we'll interfere". These are the three slogans of the presentation campaign to be launched in Portugal tomorrow by ANACOM - Autoridade Nacional de Comunicações.

The campaign will be on the streets during three weeks, aiming to convey the regulator's new image and establish a closer tie with ordinary citizens, transmitting the idea that ANACOM participates in the lives of users of telecommunications and postal services, i.e. affects us all.

The campaign will be complemented by other means, in order to outline the key values that affect all communications services users and underlie ANACOM's activity, such as "Freedom" and "Confidence".

The campaign has a strong human presence, in order to draw people closer to the regulator and give the logo a more human touch. At the same time, the campaign will use a neutral graphical style in order to convey ANACOM's impartiality.

ANACOM's logo is ultimately a national brand, and its design is rooted in national colours: red, green and yellow.

The logo operates at two levels: institutional and emotional. At the institutional level, the logo transmits rigour, transparency and confidence. At the emotional level, the logo suggests empathy and proximity with a wide and diversified public, i.e. all users and consumers of postal and telecommunications services.

ANACOM's symbol integrates several autonomous elements - chromatic spheres and an ellipse - that jointly suggest movement. This movement is associated to values such as dynamism and movement.

The logo and campaign were designed by Edson-FCB.