Survey on the quality of the GSM mobile network service (2002)

/ Updated on 07.10.2005

The third study promoted by ANACOM to verify the quality of the GSM mobile network service (QoS GSM) began on 18 February 2002, through the development of the first measures in the field.

Thus, the study will focus on the quality of the GSM terrestrial mobile service provided to the public in general by the operators OPTIMUS, TMN and VODAFONE, following what is ruled in article 15, no. 1, of the Decree-Law no. 381-A/97, of 30 December, determining that "Licensed entities are obliged to develop their activity in a continuous manner and with adequate levels of quality, and should guarantee equal access to the services provided".

Similarly to what took place in 2000 and 2001, and according to the resolution taken on 7 February 2002, three indicators of fundamental importance will be analysed taking into consideration the perspective of quality from the user/consumer point of view: coverage, accessibility and sound quality. The measures taken in the field cover continental Portugal and the Autonomous Regions.

It is foreseen that the final results of this study will be known next July.