JPT BWA - Copenhagen

The tenth meeting of the JPT BWA (Joint Project Team Broadband Wireless Access) working group, responsible for studying regulatory solutions for broadband wireless access in the 5725-5875 GHz and 3400-3800 MHz bands met last 22-23 November in Copenhagen.

This group reviewed the proposed Decision on BWA in 3.5 GHz - ''ECC Decision of (dd) (month) 2006 on Availability of Frequency Bands Between 3400-3800 MHz for the Harmonised Implementation of Broadband Wireless Access Systems (BWA)''. A number of editorial changes were made and technical requirements were added in the annex to the Decision, based on studies carried out by PT SE19 between MWA (mobile wireless access) terminal stations, in order to reflect the requirements needed for the existence of mobility scenarios in the band from 3400 to 3800 MHz. The proposed Decision will be sent to the 15th meeting of the Electronic Communications Committee (ECC) with the intention of being adopted for public consultation.

Also reviewed was the mandate to send to the European Commission to identify the conditions and frequency bands for BWA applications in the European Union, which will be considered again by the group at its next meeting.