Strategy Conference - Dubai

The Strategy Conference of the Universal Postal Union (UPU) was held last 14-16 November in Dubai.

The aim of the event was to gather the postal market leaders at regulatory and operational level and to enable the participation of all sector interested parties in talks on possible strategies for the coming decade. The conference was divided into eight sessions, concerning the following topics:

  • The postal sector and the information society: facing a new communications market;
  • Understanding the challenges of industry; 
  • Evolution of the postal network; 
  • The new postal players;
  • Ensuring sustainable growth of the postal sector; 
  • Governance;
  • Regional approaches to respond to global objectives;
  • The future role of the UPU.

The Conference presentations and debates will be analysed by the UPU International Secretariat, which will release the results by the end of the year so that all parties can reflect on the best way to outline the future Nairobi Postal Strategy.