Technical Committee 209 - Brussels

/ Updated on 22.12.2006

Brussels hosted last 12 October a meeting of CENELEC Technical Committee 209, attended by 14 delegates.

The following subjects were considered at the meeting:

Information on the activity of the Portuguese Technical Committee CTE 46, which may serve as an example for the formation of other national technical committees, namely CTE 209;

  • Development of experiments and construction of prototypes for protection against atmospheric electric discharges and elimination of power differential, as well as placement and protection for antenna systems (e.g. coaxial downloaders) and masts, as proposed by the head of the Portuguese delegation;
  • Definition of the following aspects, in the wake of the previous proposal:
  • All antennas, masts, supports, boxes and aggregate accessories (for the antennas) should be the responsibility of the installer of the network fed by the antennas;
  • All metallic components and structures that directly interact with the telecommunications network should be interconnected to a single singing point and that point linked to the ground, in buildings; the antenna structure, including masts, support and maintenance systems, should be connected to the telecommunication system's same singing point by direct line. This methodology has shown to be effective in applications in Greece, undertaken in various geographic situations.

The next meeting of Technical Committee 209 has been scheduled for 10 May 2007 at the CENELEC offices in Brussels. Among the issues deemed to be relevant is presentation of the results of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) protections in copper-wire networks.