WP CISP - London

/ Updated on 19.06.2007

London hosted last 24-25 May the 38th meeting of the OECD working party on Communication Infrastructures and Services Policy (WP CISP).

The meeting basically focused on the following issues:

- The contribution of WP CISP for the OECD ministerial meeting (scheduled for June 2008 in Korea), which will include the presentation of documents on network convergence and next generation networks (NGNs), on application of the 2004 Recommendation on broadband and on internet access development;

- Broadband development, with particular emphasis on investment and the development of fibre technology and on rights of way, IPTV and good practices indicators with respect to Internet Exchange Points (IXPs);

- Regulation from the demand standpoint, i.e., regulatory measures that encourage competition and consequently empower consumers and ensure their protection;

- Investment in telecommunications, particularly the influence of policies and market developments on sector investment;

- Internet, with consideration of subjects such as numbering (ENUM) and version 6 of the internet protocol (IPv6).

The next meeting of this working group has been scheduled for 3-4 December 2007 in Paris.