New version of ERG Guidelines for international roaming

The European Regulators Group (ERG) has issued a correction to paragraph 18 of its Guidelines on the European regulation of international roaming, which it released on 17 January 2008.

The corrected paragraph refers to the exchange rates which should be used to convert the annual wholesale and retail tariff ceilings to non-euro currencies and which were established in EC Regulation no. 717/2007 of 27 June. The tariff ceilings applicable to roaming voice communications within the European Union change annually on 30 August, according to the values (expressed in euros) which are pre-defined in this regulation. For this purpose, under the terms of paragraph 2 of article 1 of this regulation, as of August 2008, the exchange rates used to calculate these ceilings in non euro currencies each year shall be those in force one month prior to the date on which the new annual tariff ceiling is due to enter into application.

Accordingly, contrary to the indication given in the Guidelines of 17 January 2008, as of August 2008, the exchange rates used for this purpose, namely in those countries outside the euro-zone, are those in effect on 30 July (and not 20 June). This correction has been implemented in paragraph 18 of this document.

It should be recalled that the Guidelines are complementary to the Regulation on international roaming and do constitute a legal interpretation thereof. The version of this document, published on January 2008, arose from previous guidelines released respectively in July and August of the previous year.

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