EC Public consultation on web-accessibility

The European Commission (EC) launched a public consultation on 2 July 2008 on the adoption of new measures to make Europe's Web more accessible. The consultation is aimed at identifying actions which Member States can pursue in order to improve the Internet's accessibility and at gathering feedback on more general aspects connected to information and communication technologies for disabled persons. The consultation also covers other technologies, such as digital television.

Despite the various initiatives which have been taken, many Europeans suffering from some form of disability still face barriers in accessing the products and services of the new technologies. Such barriers include the small size of text on websites and the complexity of electronic digital television programme guides. Any improvements made will ensure that the Web is more accessible to all users, irrespective of the means of access or the limitations under which the person is working (noisy environment, poor light, etc…), as well making it easier for everyone to find information online faster.

Interested parties can send their contributions by email to Endereço electró, by 27 August 2008.

Commission wants a web that is better enabled for the disabled;

Public consultation on web-accessibility and other e-accessibility issues

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