Cooperation between Portugal and Brazil in the area of telecommunications

/ Updated on 30.04.2007
The 5th meeting of the Co-ordination Commission was held on April 18 and 20, 2000 in Rio de Janeiro, in the framework of the bilateral institutional co-operation between ICP - Instituto das Comunicações de Portugal and Anatel - Agência Nacional de Telecomunicações of Brazil. This Co-ordination Commission was created by the Complementary Adjustment of 1999, to the 1996 Basic Co-operation Agreement between the Governments of Portugal and Brazil.

In addition to the regular exchange of reciprocal information on latest developments since the last bilateral meeting (in October, 2000, in Lisbon), the agenda included several items of mutual interest such as: digital terrestrial television; mobile telephone services, including 3rd generation services; convergence of services and networks and its impact on the sector's organisation; and price regulation in specific areas, such as the fixed telephone service, interconnection, Internet and local access.

Anatel also provided a demonstration of the operation of a mobile radio-monitoring station, based on a new computing system currently being implemented.

The next bilateral meeting between ICP and Anatel will be held in October, 2001 in Portugal.