Operator Portability

/ Updated on 04.02.2002

A contract for the provision of services contract will be signed at ICP's head office today. This contract concerns the introduction of the operator portability function between the reference entity (RE) on the one hand, and ICP and service providers for fixed and mobile telephony on the other.

The RE was chosen subsequent to a limited tender. The RE is a limited company being set up by CASE - Concepção e Arquitectura de Soluções Informáticas Estruturadas, S.A., and PORT IT, AS, which companies will subscribe the entire share capital.

Apart from ICP, the contract will be signed by the following providers responsible for portability:

  • Brisatel - Telecomunicações, S.A.
  • Cabovisão - Televisão por Cabo, S.A.
  • Global One, Comunicações, S.A.
  • Jazztel Portugal - Serviços de Telecomunicações S.A.
  • Madem - Comunicação da Madeira, S.A.
  • Maxitelsat - Redes e Comunicações Via Satélite, S.A.
  • Média Capital Telecomunicações, S.A.
  • Novis Telecom, S.A.
  • Onitelecom - Infocomunicações, S.A.
  • Oni Way - Infocomunicações, S.A.
  • Optimus Telecomunicações, S.A.
  • PT Comunicações, S.A.
  • PT Prime - Soluções Empresariais de Telecomunicações e Sistemas, S.A.
  • Telecel, Comunicações Pessoais, S.A.
  • TMN - Telecomunicações Móveis Nacionais, S.A.

It will also be possible for the RE to provide services to future providers with portability obligations in Portugal, and who wish to have recourse to said services by adhering to the contract formalised today.

The services foreseen encompass having the RE act as an intermediary between the different providers and include: responsibility for developing, installing, testing, operating, maintaining, managing, and permanently updating a reference data base, as well as providing administrative services supporting the operator's portability.

These services also include implementing and updating a set of administrative procedures and associated items, with the objective of bringing into operation and maintaining the solution agreed upon, thus assuring that portability is managed within the defined parameters.