Public Tender for the allocation of the right to use frequencies in the 450-470 MHz band

ANACOM has given approval, by determination of 7 August 2008, to the regulation of the public tender for the allocation of a frequency usage right, on a national basis, for the provision of the publically available land mobile service in the 450-470 MHz frequency band, as well as to the respective tender specifications.

The report on the consultation procedures forms an integral part of this determination, to which consultation the regulation was subject, following determination of 20 March 2008, which gives basis to the options of ANACOM and provides an analysis of the responses received, within the deadline set, from the following entities: Portugal Telecom Group (GRUPO PT), in the name and on behalf of Portugal Telecom SGPS, PTC, PT PRIME and TMN; ONITELECOM; RADIOMÓVEL; SONAECOM and VODAFONE PORTUGAL.

The Regulation of the Public Tender has yet to be published in Diário da República, from which date the deadlines set out therein are applied, particularly with respect to the submission of applications.

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