ANACOM's view on call origination prices of mobile networks

/ Updated on 20.10.2008

Following several complaints concerning the price of the wholesale call origination service charged by operators holding rights of use for frequencies for the provision of the mobile telephone service, which amounts to 18.7 cents since 2002, exceeding by 100% the price of call termination in individual mobile networks, ANACOM has decided to make public its analysis of the matter, having determined:

1. To urge operators holding rights of use for frequencies for the provision of the publicly available mobile telephone service to lower up to 30 September the price charged for the wholesale service of call origination in the respective mobile networks to levels close to, or ideally similar to, those established as maximum levels for voice call termination in individual mobile networks.

2. To invite the referred operators to promote at the same time the decrease of prices of the invoicing and collection services performed on behalf of third parties, ideally to levels not exceeding by 20% the levels set out in RIO 2008.

3. To make known that, in case significant changes in the scope of points 1 and 2 fail to take place, this issue shall be dealt with within the assessment of the relevant market (whether or not associated to the former market 15 of Commission Recommendation 2003/311/EC of the Commission, of 11 February, on relevant product and services markets within the electronic communications sector susceptible for ex ante regulation, which in the meantime was replaced by Commission Recommendation 2007/879/EC of 17 December) and/or submitted to the opinion of the Competition Authority, within the scope of the respective powers.

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