8. What are the technical specifications of the radio interfaces?

On 3 November 2010, ANACOM approved a draft update of the technical specifications of the radio interfaces referred to in paragraph 7 of article 30 of Decree-Law No 192/2000https://www.anacom.pt/render.jsp?contentId=977642, of 18 August, on the system of free movement, placing on the market and putting into service in the national territory of radio equipment and telecommunications terminal equipment, as well as the regime of their conformity assessment and marking.

In compliance with the provisions of Decree-Law No 58/2000 of 18 April these specifications, as a draft of the technical regulations were notified to the European Commission through the IPQ - Instituto Português da Qualidade (Portuguese Quality Institute), which entity is charged with undertaking the respective notification.

By determination of 1 July 2010, ANACOM approved the final text updating the technical specifications of the radio interfaces, taking into account the comments issued by the European Commission and the Federal Republic of Germany.


PDF Serviço Amador  (PDF 415 Kb)

PDF Serviço de Radionavegação Aeronáutica (PDF 452 Kb)

PDF Serviço de Radionavegação Marítima (PDF 339 Kb)

PDF Serviço Fixo (PDF 615 Kb)

PDF Serviço Fixo por Satélite (SFS) (PDF 456 Kb)

PDF Serviço Móvel Aeronáutico (SMA) (PDF 328 Kb)

PDF Serviço Móvel Marítimo (SMM) (PDF 732 Kb)

PDF Serviço Móvel Terrestre por Satélite (SMTS) (PDF 505 Kb)

PDF Serviço Móvel Terrestre (SMT) (PDF 712 Kb)

PDF Serviço de Radiodifusão (PDF 517 Kb)

PDF Estações de Pequena Potência e Curto Alcance (SRDs) (PDF 786 Kb)