Extension of deadline of the digital dividend public consultation



By determination of 25 March 2009, the Board of Directors of ICP - ANACOM decided to launch a public consultation on the digital dividend, which expired on 13 May 2009.
Given the relevance of the matter opened for discussion, the consultation registered a strong participation from a wide range of market stakeholders.

Upon expiry of the established time limit, this Authority received several requests for an extension of the deadline from entities that, despite their efforts, were not able to submit their contributions within the deadline set up originally, or that submitted such contributions belatedly.

Having regard to the fact that this public consultation is framed within ICP – ANACOM’s set of discretionary powers, that no time limit has been legally established and given the importance of the issue, I hereby determine, pursuant to paragraph 3 of article 29 of the Statutes of ICP - ANACOM, published in annex to Decree-Law no. 309/2001, of 7 December, that all contributions submitted to this Authority until the 22nd of May shall be accepted, and that, accordingly, all contributions received at the premises of this Authority during the original time period and up until the expiry of the new deadline shall be accepted.