ANACOM celebrates 20th anniversary

ANACOM, which is one of the oldest regulators of the communications sector in the world and the second oldest in Europe, is today celebrating the 20th anniversary of the date on which the first Management Board of the then Instituto das Comunicações de Portugal (ICP) took up office.

To mark this anniversary, ANACOM has organised a number of different public initiatives, including:

  • ANACOM's third international Conference, on the theme ''20 Years Later: Why Regulate?'' The Conference took place on 30 September and saw debate on the key issues currently facing regulation of the communications sector in view of the likely challenges of the future, in a context marked by the fast pace of technological change and the resulting implications for markets;

  • The launch of a special edition of Spectru, ANACOM's newsletter, focusing on the evolution of the communications context over recent years.  The special edition includes input from the Chairmen of ANACOM's Management Board, as well as from the former minister, Mário Lino and from Diogo Vasconcelos, chairman of APDC - Associação Portuguesa para o Desenvolvimento das Comunicações (Portuguese Association for the Development of Communications).

  • The creation of a commemorative, 20th anniversary medal.