Spectrum enforcement work, carried out by ANACOM, has the objective of preventing the occurrence of interference or situations of undue privilege resulting from the use of radiocommunications networks and/or stations (equipment) where applicable regulations are not properly observed.

Supervision of the spectrum and of the networks and stations operating in it covers all radiocommunications services and is based on the provisions of ANACOM’s Statutes, Electronic Communications Law and legislation regulating radiocommunication services; this work entails performance of the following main activities:

a) monitoring of transmissions and control of spectrum use;

b) identification, location and barring of unauthorised uses;

c) inspections of stations and radiocommunication networks to verify compliance with the conditions applicable to their use of the spectrum.

A large majority of infringements are perpetrated by people who are unaware of their obligations as users of radiocommunications networks and stations.

Accordingly, consultation of the information made available on this website, with the option of putting questions directly to ANACOM's Public Attendance Servicehttps://www.anacom.pt/render.jsp?categoryId=282675 (in person, by telephone or electronically), is the best way to resolve any uncertainties or questions arising in this area. In this way, it is possible to avoid situations of unlawful conduct, constituting offences (punishable by a fine) or crimes (punishable by fine or imprisonment).

Users of radiocommunication networks and stations must allow access to the sites of installation and ensure all conditions necessary for their inspection by ANACOM's agents.

The use of stations which do not operate in accordance with prevailing legislation is prohibited under all circumstances, and stations which serve or which are intended to serve for the commission of any type of breach may be provisionally seized, in whole or in part.