ANACOM launches publicity campaign on roaming

ANACOM re-launched its information campaign on international roaming, set up to make consumers aware of the new prices they will pay when they use their mobile phone while roaming. These prices take effect from today, and so it is essential for travellers to take note of them before heading abroad.

The campaign, which was developed in 2009 by Brandia Central, is now being reactivated in the context of the changes which take effect from today. The Internet and the press are generally the media chosen for this campaign, which will ran for two months.

The goal of the campaign is to alert people who travel as to the steps to be taken before travelling, seeking to bring them to the website to search for useful information; the website also provides a set of tools which make it easy to get information from operators.

The campaign seeks to instil a mental association between travelling/roaming and crisis/low cost, leading the consumer to look for information on how roaming bills can be reduced.

The campaign comes in the context of the approval, on 8 June 2009, by the Council of Ministers of the European Union, of amendments to Regulation No 717/2007 on roaming on the public telephone networks of the Community. These amendments comprise the phasing in of new prices to be charged by operators for voice communications, data services and text messages (SMS).

As of today, the price of calls made while roaming are capped at 0.39 euros per minute and at 0.15 euros per minujte for calls received. In the case of SMS, the Eurotariff, applying within the Euroepan Union, Iceland, Norway and Leitchenstein, is maintained at 11 cents. The tariffs for roaming data communications are now subject to an average wholesale tariff of 80 cents per megabyte.