Public presentation on the EU regulatory framework for electronic communications

On the 13 July, a public presentation will take place of the communication on the European Commission's review of the EU  regulatory framework for electronic communications. The session, which is being held in Brussels, is open to all interested parties, although pre-registration is required. The registration form (see link below) needs to be sent by email to by 7 july with the subject: ''Workshop on Review of Regulatory Framework for electronic communications''.
The communication being presented was adopted by the Commission on 29 June, together with a staff working document detailing the changes being proposed, an impact assessment and a draft recommendation on relevant product and service markets within the electronic communications sector susceptible of ex ante regulation. These documents are the subject of public consultation, being held until 27 October 2006.
Among the key changes being proposed, the Commission has presented a new approach to spectrum issues, a simplification of the market review procedures, the consolidation of the internal market, strengthening consumer protection and rights, improving security and removing outdated provisions.
In particular the Commission proposes a reduction in the current list of relevant markets susceptible of ex ante regulation, given that the current framework has allowed the development of competition in the provision of national and international electronic communication services. Moreover the Commission considers that regulation could be phased out in certain markets, suggesting that member states give their opinion about the removal of two markets from the list: access and call origination on public mobile telephone networks (market 15) and broadcasting transmission services, to deliver broadcast content to end users (market 18).
Despite these proposals the Commission recognizes that in general terms the level of competition in the sector is not yet robust enough to justify rolling back regulation in other wholesale access markets, especially in the market of wholesale broadband access (market 12).

Further information:

  • COM(2006)334
  • Estudo de Impacto (em inglês)
  • SEC(2006)816_en

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