URSI awards career and research prizes

This year's career prize of the Portuguese Committee of URSI, which aims to distinguish an individual who has contributed to the advancement of radio science in Portugal, will be awarded to Joaquim Patrício, a training engineer, who spent much of his career in the field of radiocommunications. Joaquim Patrício, who will soon be celebrating his 90th birthday, began working with radio in 1948 and has had a long and distinguished career. He was recognized unanimously by the Portuguese Committee of URSI as being deserving of this award.

The prize will be given out by José Amado da Silva, Chairman of ANACOM, during the closing ceremony of the 4th Congress of the Portuguese Committee of URSI, dedicated this year to the theme "Radio Personal Communications: short range networks and RFID" and taking place on 23 and 24 September at Fundação Portuguesa das Comunicações, in Lisbon.

During the same ceremony the Chairman of ANACOM will give out the URSI Portugal Research Prize", aimed at rewarding the best research work in the area of radio-electricity. The net value of the prize to be awarded to the best work is five thousand euros. This prize, which is awarded for the first time this year, aims to stimulate creativity and rigour in scientific research work in Portugal. The winning work, authored by Carla R. Medeiros of Instituto de Telecomunicações, is entitled "UHF RFID Reader Antennas for Self-confined Tag Detection". In total, four research works were entered for this prize.

Similar to the career prize, this distinction will be awarded annually to research authors of the best works making a significant contribution to science in the following areas: electromagnetic metrology, radiocommunication systems and signal processing, electronics and photonics, electromagnetic environment and interference, and other areas.

URSI - International Union of Radio Science is a non-governmental and non-profit organisation under the International Council for Science, responsible for stimulating and co-ordinating, on an international basis, studies, research, applications, scientific exchange, and communication in the fields of radio science. The members of URSI are the national committees of different countries, and in the Portuguese case, it falls to ANACOM to organise the works of the Portuguese Committee.