ANACOM launches revamp of Online Services

From today, ANACOM’s Online Services will be available in a totally revamped form, with a wider range of electronic services now available completely online.  These services are partly provided in a public area, where no registration is required, and  partly provided in an area reserved for registered users

Whereas, previously, the reserved area only supported process referring to the Amateur and Amateur Satellite Services and to ITED-ITUR services, the new area now includes forms for radio licensing of radiocommunication networks and stations.

While download versions of these latter forms remain available in the public area, it is preferable for users of Temporary and Permanent Radio Licensing services to register for the new online services so that they can benefit from a range of new facilities.  These facilities include protocols providing secure access to personal data and reserved services; consultation of the status of processes; submission of documentation by electronic means; receipt of alerts on the management of user accounts, specifically notices of registration expiration; simplified registration revalidation; optional use of a virtual keyboard to enter personal access data.

The public and reserved areas give access to electronic services in a dynamic and secure manner with free telephone support for the completion of forms; further information providing support to the completion of forms; improved usability and more access options using mobile devices (mobile phones and smart phones) from 15 October; option of sending comments and suggestions on available services.

The registration procedures are fully described in the area of Electronic Services, which can be accessed from ANACOM’s website at – www.anacom.pt

For further information, or in case of any query, ANACOM can be contacted using the freephone number – 800 206 665 – or by email at Email address.