ANACOM launches campaign on new roaming rules


ANACOM is airing an information campaign on international roaming - the campaign was launched with the aim of publicising new rules that come into force today, 15 June 2017. These rules apply whenever users travel to another country of the European Union (EU) or to Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein - i.e. anywhere within the European Economic Area (EEA).

The goal of the campaign is to inform consumers that the prices they pay when roaming in any EEA country will now be the same as those paid by the consumer in Portugal for their national communications. This rule applies to both voice calls, and to messages and data. Nevertheless, consumers are advised to contact their operators before traveling, to find out about the conditions governing provision of this service and any limitations.

The campaign will mainly use the Internet and print media to spread its message to all consumers.


Download file Anúncio (imprensa escrita)