ANACOM allows 45 working days for CTT to correct information given to post offices on the complaint book

Having found that some post offices have been giving the postal service customers incorrect information in the complaint book, based on erroneous or unclear information they receive from CTT, ANACOM has given this company 45 working days to correct the information on the complaint book which it provides to entities which it subcontracts for the provision of the post office services and which has led to non-compliance with the applicable regime.

Within this deadline, CTT must clarify that (i) the complaint book provided for in Decree-Law No. 156/2005, of 15 September, existing at the post office should be made available regardless of whether the complaints to be submitted concern postal services rendered at that post office or not; and (ii) when the postal service is provided at the premises of the public administration services and bodies that have contact with the public, CTT must ensure the existence of that complaint book, as well as the fulfilment of the other obligations set forth in that statute, in its current wording.

After this deadline, CTT will have 5 working days to send to ANACOM evidence that the information in question has been corrected, to the benefit of users of postal services provided at post offices operating there.

The deadline of 45 working days set forth in ANACOM's final decision meets the concerns expressed by CTT at the prior hearing, which considered that the 30 working days initially determined by ANACOM did not allow, inter alia, the necessary adequacy of internal procedures, the provision of information and adequate training of post office managers operating in Parish Councils.

CTT fails 2 quality indicators in 2018

In relation to CTT, ANACOM also adopted the final decision regarding the values of the universal postal service quality indicators verified in 2018, the year in which the minimum values of two universal postal service quality indicators were not met:

  • Delayed forwarding by blue mail on the mainland;
  • Delay in forwarding in intra-Community cross-border mail.

In view of this non-compliance, ANACOM has decided to apply the compensation mechanism, which occurs when the universal postal service quality indicators are not met. It therefore decided to apply a penalty of 0.06 percentage points to the maximum allowable price change for 2019, rather than 0.085 percentage points mentioned in the draft decision. This is because, according to the rules set by ANACOM, and applicable from 2019 inclusive, the indicator for intra-Community cross-border mail is not considered for the purposes of applying the compensation mechanism, given that the values made in this service do not depend only on CTT, but also on other service providers in other countries.

Due to the application of the penalty, CTT will have to reduce the prices in force, since these had already been updated.