ANACOM applies fines of 3.3 million euros until July

Between January and July 2019 ANACOM decided on 110 breach proceedings, 48 of which ended with the application of fines, 43% of the total number of cases decided. The fines imposed by ANACOM in this period amounted to 3.3 million euros.

Among the proceedings that led to the imposition of fines, we highlight those related to breach of contractual termination rules by subscribers, involving several infractions. 186 breaches are concerned to one proceeding, in another 44.

Fines for non-compliance with information obligations were also imposed on ANACOM; rules on the use of radiocommunication networks and services; rules on the installation of telecommunications infrastructures in buildings (ITED) and in urbanisations (ITUR); among other cases.

In 8 proceedings, admonitions were issued. Other proceedings that have been decided on were integrated into other ones, or referred to other entities, and some have been filed in an injunction or an acquittal/filing decision.

In the same period, 163 proceedings were opened which originated from infringement news relating to various topics that reached ANACOM by diverse means, namely through the complaints received and inspections carried out.

In the period under review, 91 cases were opened, the overwhelming majority being related to the regime for the installation of telecommunications infrastructures in buildings and urbanisations, followed by the cases related to electronic communications networks and services and postal services. There are still some cases filed related to the violation of the rules regarding the complaints book and the audiotext regime, among others.