Learn about the main activities carried out by ANACOM in 2018

ANACOM releases its Regulation, Supervision and Other Activities Report for 2018.

This Authority has developed its mission to regulate the communications sector with the objective of ensuring the full sustainable development of the sector, the promotion and defence of competition and the protection of the rights and interests of consumers and other users.

Due to their importance for the development of communications in Portugal, the following activities pursued by ANACOM in 2018 are highlighted:

  • comprehensive work within the postal sector to ensure the quality of the universal postal service and a better response to the needs of the population;
  • coordination of the “Forest Fires - Electronic Communications Infrastructure Protection and Resilience Measures” working group;
  • a set of actions to help resolve electronic consumer dissatisfaction issues expressed in a high number of complaints;
  • determining operators to change a set of offers, the so-called zero rating offers and the like, which violated the rules of network neutrality and roaming;
  • work related to the preparation, approval and implementation of the 700 MHz band release and allocation of the roadmap required for the development of 5G.

This report was also sent to the Portuguese Parliament and Government, in accordance with applicable law.