ANACOM provides 5G Portal

ANACOM offers the public the 5G Portal (, disclosing updated, useful and relevant information about the 5th mobile generation that promises to transform the digital world as we currently know it and with it the world in which we live.

This initiative is part of a series of measures that ANACOM has been developing in the context of the 5G implementation in Portugal, which includes the auction for allocation of the specific bands for 5G and the webinars recently held with local authorities on this topic.

This aims to be an initiative open to civil society, to the industrial communities, to local power structures and to the scientific and technological system. In a strategy of continuous improvement and inclusion of best practices, the 5G Portal shall progressively grow in terms of contents and contributions so as to become a distinguished and useful space, covering the progress and experiences in the 5th generation of mobile communications.

The aim of the 5G Portal is for everyone, citizens, companies, academia, municipalities, among others, to have access to information and knowledge on the features and potentialities of 5G, in addition to the evolution of the adoption of this technology in Portugal.

5G will bring in a whole new reality: it will be able to support a thousand times more traffic than our current networks, at a speed 10 to 20 times faster than 4G. It will also have very short response times, enabling new thresholds of development in industry, the possibility of remoted medical supervision, new applications concerning security and public health, new advances in virtual reality, the use of autonomous vehicles, precision farming, smart cities, the Internet of Things, among other potentialities yet to be discovered and developed. The 5G Portal will focus on facts and data, as solutions, offers and applications arise in the areas of science, technology and the market.

This Portal will also provide information about the auction launched by ANACOM for allocating rights of use of frequency bands that will enable introducing 5G in Portugal; the allocation of the rights of use of the frequencies; the installation of the networks in the field; the services that are launched; and how the use of this technology evolves.

In an area that has been so fertile in spreading disinformation and misleading news, especially regarding the impacts of 5G on the environment or on health, illustrated by the theories that attribute the Covid-19 pandemic to 5G, it is important that all the stakeholders should know that in this new Portal they will find validated, updated and credible information, produced by highly reputed national and international bodies, and public and private institutions.

The 5G Portal arises from Council of Ministers Resolution No. 7-A/2020 of 7 February, which recommends that ANACOM should institute a digital platform for the monitoring and follow-up of the 5G coverage and adoption process, in an «Open Data» perspective, so as to ensure the transparency of the entire process. The «Open Data» functionality shall be available when 5G is definitively implemented in Portugal.