ANACOM applies fines of the value of 2.6 million euros in 2020

In 2020, ANACOM concluded 426 cases of breach proceedings (corresponding to an increase of 137% in relation to the previous year), of which close to 35%, equivalent to 147 cases, ended with the application of fines of a total value of 2.6 million euros.

The offences in the cases concluded in 2020 refer to breach of obligations concerning installation of telecommunications infrastructures in buildings; breaches relative to radio equipment, the use of radio communications networks and services, the provision of value-added services based on the sending of SMS, as well as the obligations and prohibitions established in the Electronic Communications Law, and breach of obligations to provide information to ANACOM. This also involves situations of breach of the rules on portability of numbers and access to conduits, among other aspects.

In addition to the 147 cases in which fines were applied, there were other cases that ended with the application of accessory penalties or reprimands, and some cases were closed with no further action.

During 2020, ANACOM instituted 297 new proceedings (corresponding to 4% less than in the previous year), based on reports of offences of which it was made aware through official reports and reports of ANACOM's inspection services, official reports of police entities and information received from other public entities through complaints.

During the year, 251 cases of breach proceedings were instituted. In most of the situations, this involved the same type of offences as those observed in the concluded cases.