OECD releases economic report on Portugal

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has released the latest economic report on Portugal – OECD Economic Surveys - Portugal 2008 –, in which it considers that, despite recording progress, substantial margin remains in the telecommunications sector for increases in efficiency and competition.

The OECD considers that it is important to continue the promotion of competition between networks and companies, arguing for actions that increase the ownership independence of the copper wire and cable networks following the cable network spin-off by Portugal Telecom.  According to the report, mobile termination charges remain high and should be lowered, preferably with no discrimination of termination charges between calls within a firm’s own network and calls from other networks.

While recognising the progress made, the OECD also highlighted that it was important that prices for local loop access should continue to be lowered, as a way of promoting broadband Internet.


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