Programme of French presidency of the EU Council

The Portuguese version of the programme of the French Presidency of the Council of the European Union (EU), spanning the period between 1 July and 31 December 2008, is now available online. The final version of the 18 month programme of the Council, which covers not only the French Presidency but also the future Presidencies of the Czech Republic and Sweden in 2009, has also been released.

Entitled ''Europe taking action to meet today's challenges'', the document of the French Presidency details a series of sector initiatives. With respect to the Galileo and GMES (Global Monitoring for Environment and Security) space programmes, note should be made of the launch of the first GMES services at a forum to be organised in Lille in September 2008, where the expected benefits for users will be presented. The subject will also be covered at the Competitiveness Council of Ministers in December 2008.

The current Presidency further affirms that it will pursue the development of information technology infrastructures, which are of strategic importance for European competitiveness, particularly with respect to high-speed fixed and mobile broadband and seeking agreement on the review that is currently underway on the regulatory framework for electronic communications. In terms of security, emphasis is given to combating the use for criminal purposes of the possibilities offered by “roaming” agreements between operators of the mobile telephone service.

A further issue to be covered by the current Presidency will be the development of online justice (E-Justice), particularly in preparing for the opening of a European portal to the public in 2010. Finally note should be made of importance of the EU as a ''major player in the digital revolution'' in the audiovisual sector, both through the increase in the availability of online content, while ensuring that intellectual property rights are properly protected, and by protecting children when they are using the Internet by adopting a Community programme.

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