Notice of ICP-ANACOM of 18.08.2004, published on 30 August

Ministério das Actividades Económicas e do Trabalho (Ministry for Economic Activities and Work)

ICP - Autoridade Nacional de Comunicações (ICP - National Communications Authority)


Under the terms of and in compliance with the provision of paragraph 5 of article 30 of Decree-Law no. 192/2000, of 18 August, it is hereby made public that the form and manner for publicizing interface technical specifications to be complied with by operators of telecommunications public networks, pursuant to the provisions of paragraphs 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6, all of article 30 of Decree-Law no.  192/2000, of 18 August, are available at the site of this authority.

Please be also aware that the referred procedures are available at the site of this authority, at the link /template12.jsp?categoryId=2478

18 August 2004. – The President of the Board of Directors, Álvaro Dâmaso.