/ Updated on 30.10.2007

Portugal's Minister of Infrastructure, Planning and Territorial Administration and Brazil's Minister of Communications formalised on 17 April 1999 the 'Complementary Adjustment' of the Basic Agreement on Technical Co-operation between the Governments of Portugal and Brazil signed on 7 September 1966, concerning the exchange of information in the area of telecommunications. This Complementary Adjustment was likewise signed by the presidents of the regulatory bodies responsible for implementation of same in the two countries, respectively the ICP-Autoridade Nacional de Comunicações (ANACOM) and the Agência Nacional de Telecomunicações (ANATEL).

The aim of the Complementary Adjustment was to update and enhance technical and institutional co-operation between the two countries, in order to constitute a broad-reaching general framework of communications, and to pursue initiatives on sharing information and experience.

In compliance with article 4 of the Complementary Adjustment, a Co-ordination Committee responsible for managing and co-ordinating co-operation was set up in June 1999, composed of high-level representatives from both sides. It has since met twice a year alternately in the signatory countries. The agenda of those encounters has focused on developments in the two countries' communications markets, and on the different perspectives and convergence points of the various related issues.

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