Amendments to the LLRO and to the RELLO notified to the Commission

By decision of 31 August 2017, ANACOM has approved the draft decision to be notified to the European Commission (EC), the Body of European Regulators of Electronic Communications (BEREC) and the national regulatory authorities (NRA) of the other Member States of the European Union (EU) on amendments to the Leased Lines Reference Offer (LLRO) and the Reference Ethernet Leased Lines Offer (RELLO).

On 24 October 2016, ANACOM asked all LLRO and RELLO beneficiaries to submit concrete proposals to improve these offers, duly substantiated in light of the decline seen in demand for leased lines and the fact that this demand is more prevalent in remote areas and/or areas of low population density.

The draft decision now approved by ANACOM defines a set of amendments to the LLRO and to the RELLO, taking the analysis of the amendments into account - those advanced by MEO -  Serviços de Comunicações e Multimédia and the proposals submitted by various undertakings.

At the same time, approval was given to the report on the prior hearing and public consultation to which the corresponding draft decision was submitted (draft decision of 23 March 2017