ANACOM updates website image, marking 30th anniversary

The most recent changes to ANACOM’s website have been implemented with a view to providing an up-to-date image and added functionalities which offer improved communications with consumers, businesses and the general public. The website can be visited at www.anacom.pt

In the year of its 30th anniversary, ANACOM's online presence has been adapting to new Internet usage habits. Users can now navigate around the institutional website from a menu that offers the same user experience, regardless of whether the website is being visited using a smartphone, tablet or computer. There has also been a shift focused on the growing importance of mobile devices.

Other changes include adapting the width of the website’s pages to show on different screen sizes, while increasing all areas of interaction. As well as increased investment in the production of new content formats, such as videos or infographics, focus was also given to the other platforms that ANACOM uses to communicate with consumers and facilitating access to these tools: ANACOM’s Consumers’ Portal, NET.mede and COM.escolha. ANACOM has also been working to give more visibility to its contacts, reinforcing its availability and willingness to listen to all stakeholders. Finally, the website’s footer was adapted in order to reduce the time spent when navigating between different areas.

The new version of the website continues to respond to and accommodate the special needs that some citizens have in terms of access and use, adhering to the international standard on accessibility (WCAG 2.0 - level AA).

The website was last updated in November 2014, with the aim of improving the service provided to users, with simpler and more accessible navigation and more intuitive content organisation.

In addition to the new image being given to the website, ANACOM will be engaged in a series of other initiatives to mark its 30th anniversary, including the organisation of a nationwide photography competition and the opening of ANACOM's collection of documents to the public. An internal competition has been held to create a commemorative seal to mark ANACOM's 30 years - this seal will be used by ANACOM in its different media of communication.