ANACOM cuts costs in 2018 and hands EUR 46 million over to the State

ANACOM pursued in 2018 its task of regulating the communications sector with the aim of fully ensuring the sustained development of the sector, the promotion and defence of competition and the protection of rights and interests of consumers and other users (cf. Note in Annex).

It is stressed that in the course of the financial year, ANACOM pursued a strict management of expenses, namely with the purchase of goods and services, which fell by 33% over the past seven years, leading to savings of around EUR 4 million. In 2018, total expenses, excluding the increase of the provision for ongoing legal cases, amounting to EUR 14.3 million, fell by 3%.

In the period under consideration, investment increased by 3%, reaching EUR 2.5 million, with investment in information systems and technologies consuming the largest part, around 70% of total investment.

In 2018, income, especially income associated to spectrum fees and regulation fees, reached EUR 98 million, 8% more than in the previous financial year.

It is recalled that ANACOM proposed the Government to reduce the value of spectrum fees by 50%, to encourage the use of wireless systems to the detriment of overhead wires in areas of the country more prone to natural disasters.  This reduction of the fee amount led to savings for operators of EUR 3.5 million.

It must thus be highlighted that the profit for the financial year reached EUR 43.5 million, exceeding by 21% the profit for 2017. From net results, EUR 40.5 million will be handed to the State, to which ANACOM's contribution to Autoridade da Concorrência (AdC) - the Competition Authority -, amounting to EUR 5.6 million, must be added, thus the total value handed to the State amounts to EUR 46 million.

ANACOM recommends the Government that the amount is preferably used in the development of communications to the benefit of end-users.