Consultation on the criterion to be adopted for assessment of achievement of the quality of service indicators of the universal postal service

On 26 March 2020, ANACOM approved the draft decision on the criterion to be adopted for achievement of the performance targets associated to quality of service indicators (QSI) of the universal postal service, calculated through samples.

In view of the provisions in the «Quality of service parameters and performance targets associated with provision of the universal postal service», established by decision of 12 July 2018 for the period 2018-2020, and under number 1 of article 45 of the Postal Law, ANACOM determined the following:

1. The QSI shall be considered as achieved in relation to standard mail (QSI1 and QSI2), priority mail (QSI3 to QSI6), newspapers and periodic publications (QSI7 to QSI12), standard bulk mail (QSI21 and QSI22), and waiting time at postal establishments (QSI23 and IQS24), applicable in 2019 and 2020, when the upper threshold of the 95% confidence interval of the observed value is higher than or equal to the target value established for the respective QSI.

2. For purposes of the previous point, CTT – Correios de Portugal (CTT) send ANACOM the 95% confidence interval of the observed value of the aforesaid QSI, rounded to two decimal points, as well as all the calculations made to determine them.

3. This information is sent to ANACOM, relative to the year of 2019, within the period of 10 business days after having been notified of the final decision and, relative to the year of 2020, simultaneously with the reporting of the annual quality levels recorded at that year.

ANACOM decided to submit this draft decision to prior hearing of CTT and the hearing of the organisations representing the consumers, with the period of 15 days having been established for the stakeholders to express their comments in writing and in the Portuguese language, in the context of these procedures. This draft decision is also submitted to public consultation of the users in general, for the period of 15 business days, under subparagraph d) of number 1 of article 124 of the Code of Administrative Procedure, in view of the potentially high number of stakeholders to be heard, making prior hearings impracticable. Stakeholders may send contributions up to 22 April 2020, in writing and in Portuguese, preferably by email to the address

Once the consultation process is completed, the contributions that were received will be disclosed to the public; therefore, stakeholders should also send an expurgated version, eliminating elements considered confidential for purposes of publication on this website.