International Presence - updated information

The Sector

See updated information on the latest meetings that ANACOM has attended:


European Union:

COCOM - Brussels;

Subgroup on Streamlining Spectrum Use for the Public Sector - Brussels;

Seminar on postal services - Brussels

European Conference of Postal and Telecommunications Administrations:

Plenary Meeting - Athens;

Plenary meeting - Cordoba;

ECC TG3 - Stockholm;

CPG PTD - Maisons-Alfort;

CPG PTC - Estoril;

ECC SG Think Tank - Berlin;

ECC PT SE 42 - Geneva;

WG NNA - Ljubljana

Independent Regulators Group:

Plenary meeting - Dublin;

General Assembly - Dublin;

PT Convergence (subgroup) - Barcelona;

PT PMS - Athens;

PT NGN - Bonn

European Satellite Telecommunications Organization:

Advisory Committee - Paris

International Mobile Satellite Organization:

Assembly - Malta

International Telecommunications Satellite Organization:

ITSO Assembly of Parties - Estoril