4. I live in a DTT zone (terrestrial reception), what do I need to do to receive DTT?

Fist of all, find out whether terrestrial DTT reception is available where you live - call 800 200 838 (freephone) or check on the DTT Website http://tdt.telecom.pt/.

If you do have terrestrial DTT reception, you need a television set that is able to receive digital signals. Some television sets are already designed for this purpose, but others must be connected to a set-top box.

If your television set is capable of receiving DVB-T and decoding MPEG-4/H.264 video signals, then you are ready to receive DTT.

If your television set is not compatible, check if your TV has a SCART or HDMI socket. If it does, you will need to acquire a DTT set-top box and connect it to the television set and also to your aerial.

If your television set is very old and does not have any of these inputs/sockets, you can acquire a set-top box with integrated modulation or an RF modulator.

Alternatively, you could acquire a new television set with DVB-T and MPEG4/H.264.

DTT reception equipment is available in most electrical stores. However, you should always confirm, if necessary with the help of a technician, if the equipment's characteristics enable DTT reception in Portugal.

Under a protocol agreed with ANACOM, DECO is conducting an ongoing series of tests to compare different set-top boxes for DTT. See the results of these tests http://www.deco.proteste.pt/tecnologia/televisores.

In summary, you do not need to acquire any equipment if:

  • you have an integrated digital television set capable of DVB-T reception and of MPEG-4/H.264 video decoding (check your set's documentation);
  • you subscribe to a paid television service;
  • you live in one of the Autonomous Regions, and already receive the four national free-to-air channels and respective regional channel region by other means, such as cable or satellite.

For further information, consult the DTT Website http://tdt.telecom.pt/.